MongoDB Notes

11 Feb
February 11, 2012

Some notes I took as I went through trying to compile the C++ driver for mongodb under win32.

  • Hit up MongoDB C++ Page
  • Downloaded driver linked from Driver Download Page & some other prerequisites
  • Went to C++ Driver Compiling and Linking and scrolled down to Windows
  • Hrm. I’d rather not have to mess with scons … so how do I build the lib?
  • WTF? I want to try including client/mongo_client_lib.cpp in my project but IT’S NOT IN THE FRAKING ARCHIVE!
  • OK. Fine. Let’s fire up git and clone the full git source.
  • Ahh…. ok, found mongo_client_lib.cpp. Why the hell even bother putting up the tar ball?
  • Loaded simple_client_demo into visual studio.
  • Boost missing. Ok .. Let’s set up project to point to proper includes and precompiled libraries
  • Holy shit that compiled.
  • Fired up MongoDB Shell and created a collection.
  • Ran through the debugger. Everything works, but how come code references but in the shell it shows name is just ‘foo?
  • Apparently didn’t need perl regex files? (referenced elsewhere)
  • bo and bob? really?! (in bson seralization class)
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